About Chen's Woodwork

80 years of craftsmanship

a story of time carved by hands

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Chen's Woodwork is a time-honoured
workshop founded in the time of Japanese
colonisation in Taichung. The products
of their work range from Japanese ranma,
diety, mokugyo,cake moulds to all sorts of store
signs and plaques,the life and traditions of
which reflected that era and witnessed
the birth and rise of Taichung old town. Nevertheless,
traditional art is gradually replaced by industrial mass
production as time goes by,
and woodworking is facing the crisis of
fading away in the wave of fast production.

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The old tree is having a new

branche and blooming with creativity

Chen's Woodwork cherish the traditions and
open to new ideas. Not just keeping the
tradition of woodcrafts, we also put new ideas
and designs into them. A new brand,Comma,
has launched in 2011, like a new branch from an
old tree. Continuing our passion towards wood,
we produce everyday items aiming for
youngsters, which gives the old tree new
nutrients and keep it growing.

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R e - O P E N

innovation is not disregarding
traditions,but following
ancestor's footsteps and go beyond

In 2016,Chen's Woodwork has reborn. The workshop
is refurbished to provide a friendly and comfortable
ambiance while maintaining the traces of history, for we
know that innovation is not to abandon the traditional ways,
but to carry on the legacy of our forefathers by sharing
our skills and memories and bring about new ideas
via passing on the tradition of craftsmanship.


Old shop never gets old, keeps going on

In the old times,
wood carving produces woodcrafts for
all sorts of people. In the future,
we would also like to interact with people
of different disciplines so that this old shop
of 80 years can find its place in the new era.

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CEL 0936_827_189

週一至週六 9:00-18:00

TEL 04_2223_7764